Music in Full Color Campaign

Polaroid products have always added vibrancy to every occasion, and now we’re bringing that energy to music. The Music in Full Color campaign is meant to inspire creators to show up fuller, louder, bolder and sharing a full spectrum of colors, moods and imagination. Music in Full Color is a creative platform that brings together Polaroid Players and Polaroid Radio, mixing up the contagious energy and vibrant colorful design with the full spectrum of human-curated music. 

As the inventors of the once-groundbreaking idea of instant photography, Polaroid has been working at the intersection of art and science for over 80 years.  

While on the crazy journey from the Impossible Project to Polaroid Originals to Polaroid, we realized that in order to move this iconic brand into the future we needed to make the new products again and take those products beyond the 50 year old art form instant analog photography. Music is our first step.  

Throughout the decades, we have been partnering with and inspiring artists, creators and musicians, always bringing creative tools to the table. Our connections to the creative world is why bringing our unique Polaroid spirit to the world of music felt only natural. The intention of Polaroid Music is to bring our brand perspective to music, which includes 80+- year legacy in design innovation, visual arts, and creative culture. 

Find out more about the Music in Full Color campaign on YouTube.

About Polaroid

Polaroid was founded in 1937 by Edwin Land as an icon of innovation and engineering. The company’s launch of the Polaroid Land camera in 1947, which marked the genesis of instant photography, and subsequent introduction of the breakthrough Polaroid SX-70 camera in 1972 and many others, would firmly cement Polaroid’s standing as a technological pioneer and cultural phenomenon during its peak. However, at the turn of the century, the company would be faced with new realities surrounding digital technology’s swift rise and ceased the production of instant film in 2008. But that was short-lived; a dedicated group of instant photography fans would save the last Polaroid factory in the Netherlands under the name ‘The Impossible Project,’ paving way for the eventual rebirth of the original ‘Polaroid’ brand in the years following.

Today, Polaroid is in pursuit of unlocking the beauty in everyday life with instant photography tools that empower creators across the globe to capture meaningful moments. With recent introductions like the world’s smallest instant camera, the Polaroid Go camera, and the world’s first instant camera with built-in manual controls, the Polaroid I-2 camera, the company that we have come to know and love for over 80 years is rooted back in the spirit of analog innovation for the modern age.

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