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For the Rebel Rebels: Polaroid Limited-Edition Bowie Film

This January, capture Bowie-ness with Polaroid instant film inspired by iconic Bowie album designs

New York, NY – January 17, 2023 Polaroid partners with The David Bowie Archive to honor the multi- talented, multi-faceted, multi-media artist through the release of special edition Bowie Film. As Polaroid ventures into the music sphere, this collaboration has led to the creation of the unique i-Type film, and a Bowie-takeover of three Polaroid Radio stations: Itchy Teeth, Polychrome and Iris.

Bowie’s legacy can’t be overstated. It's a rebellious energy that lives on. A defiance. A do-what-you- want-ness. A chameleonic, constantly re-inventive attitude. Knowing that it’s still out there, Polaroid challenged photographers*, CJ Harvey, Chris Sim and Holly Whitaker to go find and capture that ‘Bowie- ness' in current bands and musicians.

In her quest to capture Bowie-ness with the limited-edition film, portrait and fashion photographer Holly Whitaker found herself in London's underbelly, capturing the genre-defying bands PVA and Pixx.

"Bowie-ness is taking inspiration from everything you do and see and everyone you meet, whether it be positive or negative. A willingness to try anything and not care what people think. He was completely timeless which is why people are constantly finding new ways to be inspired by him. You can interpret him in any way, I feel, because there are so many facets to him that people can relate to; he was ever- changing and all-being," Whitaker said.

Each film pack contains 8 of 10 unique frames inspired by the iconic artwork and imagery of classic David Bowie albums.

Polaroid Limited-Edition Bowie Film is available January 17 at

David Bowie Edition i-Type Film: $19.99, €19.99, £18.99

@Polaroid #FindingBowieness

*Music bands captured on Bowie film: Celine Autumn by Chris Sim, Mannequin Pussy by CJ Harvey, Rocket by CJ Harvey, Pixx and PVA by Holly Whitaker

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T. +1 478 287 9194

*For imagery, please ensure that all images are credited to the photographer in the filename (if provided) as well as Polaroid

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